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Production, export, all kinds of aluminium, especially processed products, annual output of aluminium and deep processed products more than 20,000 tons, products are exported to Japan, Germany, Britain, Italy, Australia, the United States and other regions

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Linear Aluminium Extrusions Machined Aluminium

Aluminium products are affordable, lightweight and attractive in appearance. Parts machined from this metal are generally less expensive than other metals because they take less time than other types of metals, such as steel, and require no additional processing.


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Product Description

Product name Linear Aluminium Extrusions Machined Aluminium
Surface treatment Grey anodizing
Material 6060, 6005&6061, 6063-T5 T6
Techniques Extruded, precise cut and milling
Package EP film individually wrapped then carton package
Application Industrial & Consumer; Electrical bus conductors; Residential and Commercial Building & Construction; Commercial & Mass Transportation, Automotive, Marine; Truck trailers and equipment
Certificate ISO, SGS, RoHS&BV
Advantage Standout extruding strength( reach 20,000 tons annually) Rich machining experience, superior accuracy and tolerance
Can customized manufacturing? Yes, OEM and ODM will be warmly welcomed


Advantages: Aluminium parts are economical, light weight and attractive. Parts made from this metal are often less expensive because they can be machined in less time than many other metals such as steel and do not require additional finishes. It is resistant to corrosion as a thin protective layer is formed when exposed to the atmosphere, preventing surface rust. Aluminium is chemical resistant, easy to machine, and has a high strength to weight ratio - it weighs about one-third as much as steel. It is also a good conductor of electricity and heat, making it ideal for heat sinks, and reflects heat and light, is non-magnetic and is malleable.

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